October 30, 2016

In the spirit of things rising from the dead, Faux DC proudly presents our 12th Halloween Special! Proving once again, odd sequel exist outside the movie theaters!


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And again we say Welcome! You've found you're way into the FDC universe, a fan fiction project created by a small band of writers as homage to their favorite characters. We strive to be the best fan fiction universe online.

This site has several sections, so let me walk you through it. First and foremost we have the Titles section. It's there you want to go to read our stories. The News section can fill you in on the latest goings on at FDC, new titles announcements, writer comings and goings and so on. The Who's Who section features write-up's of of some (hopefully all someday) of the characters that inhabit the FDC univesre, as well as the people who write them. Got a question about our Continuity, or want to know more about us? Or maybe you're interested in joining this merry band of misfits, but don't know who to ask. Just ask the Guardians! And of course the Links page has just that, a list of related links to other comics sites, and fanfic groups. (though they aren't as good as us. trust me.)

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May 6, 2016


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